Total Wellness Articles The Chiropractor: a Pregnant Woman’s Best Friend

The Chiropractor: a Pregnant Woman’s Best Friend

More and more women are recognizing the value of chiropractic care as a part of prenatal care; however, the number of women who know about the benefits a chiropractor can provide for her and her new baby is still very low.

It is no secret that a woman’s body goes through a wide array of changes during pregnancy, and one of them happens directly as the baby grows inside of her.  When this happens, mom’s musculoskeletal system has to adjust to fit the growing uterus and get ready for delivery.  This is when chiropractic care comes in to save the day.  It helps the woman’s body stay aligned during the pregnancy process and keeps the nervous system working appropriately.

Most pregnant women experience lower back pain, hip pain, and pubic symphysis due to the stress the body is in because of the growth of the baby and the changes that happen in order to accommodate the new life.  As the belly grows, the woman’s gravity center moves and it is difficult for the lower back and pelvis to adjust to this change so quickly, causing stress and misalignments or subluxations, which produce pain and dysfunctions.  These conditions affect the uterus and the position of the baby inside the belly.

The uterus is connected to the pelvis by three types of ligaments:

–    The broad ligament
–    The uterosacral ligaments
–    The round ligaments

These ligaments’ function is to maintain the uterus at the proper place within the pelvis and to give support while the uterus grows to shelter the fetus.  If the pelvis is subluxated, the ligaments torque and directly affect the uterus’ position, causing the baby to shift from its optimal position into a breech or transverse baby.

The chiropractor’s mission is to correct any subluxations in the pelvis to balance the uterus and allow the baby to position itself correctly.  These adjustments are gentle, very specific, and completely safe.

Besides making life much more comfortable for the future mom, when the pelvis is aligned, the birth process is faster, safer, and easier.  One of the most common reasons for c-sections is a baby in breech or transverse position, and although these are done all the time, one must never forget that a c-section is a major surgery and encompasses all major surgery risks.  Women should try to give birth naturally, through the birth canal, in order to lower any type of risk, and to be able to be up and running as soon as possible to start taking good care of their precious new babies.

And to help Ontario women, there is an Ontario wellness solution in chiropractic care.  A professional chiropractor knows how special your body is and how much care you require during the normal periods of life, all the more during pregnancy.

Don’t let your pregnancy stop you from living your life. Stay active and happy while preparing for the arrival of your child so that you can give it all your love and attention without sacrificing your health.