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Ottawa Chiropractor - Is It a Good Idea to Take Your Child to a Chiropractor?

This is a question that was answered by an article that appeared in the national publication “Parents and Kids” in 2006.  It was an informative piece honoring the magazine’s purpose: to be a guide for smart parenting from babies to preteens.

The article begins by acknowledging the fact that a child is vulnerable to spinal trauma that may affect his or her nervous system.  It states that, if stress within the nervous system is left unattended, it will eventually damage the child’s capacity to act in a state of perfect health and wellness.  The piece mentions that chiropractors call this stress within the nervous system subluxations of the bones of the spine and cranium, adding that these may not produce instant symptoms and that the pain and break down could take years to present themselves.

The recommendation given by the article is that every child must be examined right after birth, since the birth process itself may have damaged the spinal structure in some way.  Even though a difficult birth is worrisome, the piece clarifies that even the most normal births are traumatic for the baby at some level, and could cause concealed damage to the nervous system.  It mentions that many children who have trouble sleeping, difficulty with breastfeeding, digestive imbalances like reflux or colic, and common ear and respiratory infections, suffer from nervous system impairment.

The piece clearly states that chiropractic care for a child is very specific and doesn’t produce any pain or discomfort.  Among the many reasons it gives for you to consider taking your child to a chiropractor are: a difficult birth, difficulty nursing, colic, reflux, problems sleeping, ear infections, frequent colds and infections, behavioral problems (ADD), allergies, asthma, abnormal posture, head tilt, and high shoulder or hip.

Finally, it gives a list of successful results from chiropractic care, provided by the International Pediatric Association, among which we find increased immunity, fewer colds and infections, higher athletic potential, more energy, relief from allergies and asthma, better sleep, reduction of hyperactivity, and improvement of scoliosis.

As you can see, since 2006, and even before, the benefits of chiropractic care for children have been recognized and praised nationally and internationally, and now, you can find a professional and caring chiropractor very close to home.  Dr. Carri Drzyzga is an Ottawa chiropractor who; from a very young age, knew she wanted to help people heal.  She has devoted her life to help others live longer, more productive, and meaningful lives through alternative healing; finding the primary cause of symptoms to help the body heal itself and treating the person as a whole - body, mind and spirit.

A devoted natural medicine practitioner, Dr. Carri is an Ottawa chiropractor that understands and sees wellness as a whole.  She uses the Ten Steps to Wellness approach developed by Dr. George Goodheart, which essentially covers the ten areas of health that natural healing professionals must care for to help patients reach complete health and wellness.   

Through her practice, Emerine Wellness Solutions, she has established herself as a pioneer Ottawa chiropractor, with more than eleven years of experience providing natural solutions for the community.  Dr. Carri prides herself in treating people, not diseases, through holistic and comprehensive methods that go deep into the causes of illness to make it disappear from the person’s life.  She cares for a wide array of conditions like depression, digestive problems, fatigue, hormone imbalances, allergies, weight issues, skin problems, sleep problems, and asthma.  In every case, her approach is to envision the person as a whole, while allowing the body to heal itself through internal balance. 

Emerine Wellness Solution not only cares for your wellbeing but also wants to teach you about it.  Dr. Carri’s idea, as an Ottawa chiropractor and natural healer, is to go deep inside the body, mind and spirit, to promote wellness, education, healing, and finally transformation from within.  Her mission is to show her patients the internal power they possess to heal and thrive; she brings hope and awareness, balance and harmony, to deeply enhance everyone’s quality of life and longevity.  It doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult, total wellness applies to everyone, at any stage in life, and any limitation can be addressed at any age, in fact, the sooner the better.  Imagine what your child’s life will be like as an adult if he or she learns how his or her body works at a young age and knows how to be aware of it; simply, complete wellness and full potential arise.

As an Ottawa chiropractor, Dr. Carri’s, vision is one of transformation.  She desires, through each one of her patients, to transform the quality of life in the world, since she understands that by caring for yourself, you promote universal healing.  Her commitment is with each person and his or her beauty, importance, and power.  Anyone who contacts her will only feel love, joy, compassion, and respect towards her.

Feel free to browse Emerine Wellness Solutions, read more in depth who Dr. Carri is, what she offers and what she can do to help you.  Take the time to go through the website and learn about the 10 Steps to Wellness she promotes and faithfully believes in.  After educating yourself and when you are ready, check the services she provides and learn what your first visit will be like, or contact Dr. Carri to ask any question or state any concern you may have.

Make sure you and your family take advantage of all the resources and services offered by this special Ottawa chiropractor, whose mission is to inspire, develop, and nurture the unlimited healing potential within those she serves.

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