Total Wellness Articles Chiropractic Care Can Put a Natural End to Your Baby’s Crying

Chiropractic Care Can Put a Natural End to Your Baby’s Crying

Every parent has been through it: endless hours of anguish because the baby doesn’t stop crying and you have no idea what’s wrong.  In the end, you join him or her in the desperation, and now there are two inconsolable souls under the same roof.

If your baby is crying non-stop, for hours a day, for several days, and several weeks, he or she is probably suffering from colic.  A colicky baby can be spotted because he or she will be crying out loud, with the legs flexed, the abdominal muscles tensed, and the fingers clenched.

A baby starts suffering from colic at three weeks of age and it can last until he or she is three months old, sometimes even longer.  Around 10% to 20% of babies suffer from colic, and this condition creates a lot of stress for the parents, who feel completely helpless when faced with their child’s pain.  Inevitably, this stress will get in the way of the bonding between mother and baby, and may even increase the risk of post-partum depression.

Studies have shown that babies who suffer from colic are more likely to be victims of child abuse and of shaken baby syndrome.  Since it is not known what causes colic, it is difficult to treat the condition; however, the best results have been achieved through a natural method: chiropractic care, with 94% of babies experiencing less colic after going through chiropractic adjustments.

In fact, chiropractic care has proven more efficient than dietary changes, medication, and positioning, through spinal manipulation.  Two groups of babies suffering from colic were defined for a clinical trial.  One group received chiropractic care for two weeks and the other group was given dimethicone for the same period of time.  The babies that received chiropractic care showed a reduction in crying of 67%, while the babies on the medication showed only a 38% reduction.

Another study performed with 316 babies confirmed the efficacy of chiropractic care to treat colic.  In this 3-month study, the mothers recorded in a diary the amount of crying of their babies.  The results were positive in 94% of the babies, and the improvements happened after only three chiropractic adjustments in a period of two weeks.

Chiropractic care has become a very cautious, gentle and effective natural way of treating colic in babies.  The adjustments performed are very precise, soft, and completely safe.