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When someone thinks of highly evolved lasers, most times they think of highly evolved military weapons of the future, to high tech computers, or maybe high tech satellites.  But with every passing year, as scientists learn more and more about what lasers are, and what they could potentially do, scientists and medical practitioners alike are starting to see the unlimited potential of lasers for treating modern health complications.  And one of these technological breakthroughs, utilizing laser technology, is a new method of treatment known as Cold Laser Therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy is a procedure where a soft laser device produces a red laser beam, which is used to heal the body, promote rapid pain reduction, as well as accelerate the healing time of cells.  Soft laser therapy can help in a variety of conditions, such as weight loss, chronic pain or injuries, to even a complete cessation of smoking.  Many others may use it for detoxification benefits, as well as organ balancing and lymph activation.  But how does Cold Laser Therapy work, and is it safe?

Cold lasers are 100% safe, compared to hot lasers, which can burn skin tissue.  Cold Laser therapy is used primarily in cell rejuvenation.  This is able to happen because different organs and tissues, in the body, resonate to different energy frequencies, due to their specific resonation level.  Unhealthy cells resonate at different levels, or frequencies, from normal, healthy cells.  Cold laser therapy works to bring cells back into restorative balance, by programming them back to appropriate frequencies of optimum health.  It is 100% safe and effective.

Cold Laser Therapy is used to treat a number of illnesses and health problems.  Some of these may be chronic, or acute pain reduction, including; chest pain, neck pain, joint pain, and even arthritis.  Patients suffering from Fibromyalgia have noticed significant improvement in pain reduction, as well as more flexibility and liberty of movement.  Cold Laser Therapy as also been used to treat allergies, brain and nerve disorders, sports injuries, even wound healing and other skin disorders.  Some have compared Cold Laser Therapy’s restorative and balancing effects, to acupuncture, without the needles.

Treatments can take place anywhere from hours to minutes, depending on the condition being treated, and its severity.  Treatments often come in the way of smaller dosages at multiple intervals, to one or two long treatments with higher dosages.  Each treatment will be decided, based on the condition.  A procedure done for the sake of wound healing, or acute tissue damage, may require multiple, short treatments, whereas other conditions may need longer exposure to the laser therapy.

Soft lasers are available as portable, handheld devices, usually administered in a medical practitioner’s office.  It is important that this procedure be done under close medical supervision, as only a trained professional will know the proper dosage times for each treatment option.  If you live in the Ontario area, make sure you contact an Ontario wellness physician as soon as possible, to learn more about this new and exciting treatment option.

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This might come as surprise for some, but detoxification footbaths, have become the next big thing.  They may not sound exciting and luxurious, but the rewards are everything but lackluster.  As people of the 21st century are starting to become more and more aware of all the harmful, dangerous toxins around them, it is no surprise that the method of “Detoxification” is becoming more popular everyday.  And one of the most popular detoxification procedures sweeping the globe is a foot bath under the right circumstances, serving to clear your body of dangerous, and life threatening toxins, known as a Detoxification Footbath.

The reason why detoxification is so vital to the total health and wellness of our bodies is because of all the harmful toxins found in our environment.  Our environment has become so infected with toxins, such as chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, that there is no doubt that many of the environmental hazards have seeped into our bodies, and have affected us in a very negative way.  In spite of all the miraculous things we have been able to do as far as create technology, household appliances, to amazing drugs of the future, there is no doubt that the pollution caused by these breakthroughs, is very dangerous to our bodies.  This is why having a legitimate detoxification method available is so important to the overall health of our bodies.

It would be erroneous to suggest that such pollutants don’t have any negative impact on our bodies at all.  The fact is that we at this point, don’t even know the long-term harmful consequences that are involved in living in today’s modern society.  The real truth is that everyday we are constantly inhaling and collecting residues in our body, due to plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs that are in the foods we eat.  Many suspect that the ever-growing number of birth defects, cancers, heart disease, and weakened immune systems, may have a lot to do with environmental hazards and toxins.

This is where detoxification comes in.  The basic theory behind detoxification is that there is a physical method to safely draw out toxins, and pollutants in our bodies, as well as revitalize natural toxin cleansing systems in our bodies.  And one of the best methods to do this is through a detoxification footbath.  A detoxification footbath is a detoxifying system that was developed to pull dangerous, unwanted toxins and pollutants, out of our bodies, through our feet.  The patient will enter their feet into a footbath, filled with clear water, for about 20-30 minutes.  During this time, toxins in the body are attracted to surging negative ions, contained in the foot bath, drawing out dangerous pollutants from your body.

After the footbath, it is not uncommon for patients to see the clear water in the bath, turn completely brown due to the pollutants being drawn out of the body.  The patient is likely to feel invigorated by the procedure, giving the patient new energy, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they have been detoxified.  The patient might see added benefits such as significant improvements in muscles strength, as well as range of motion.  Their body’s pH levels will shift back to healthier, more efficient alkaline states.  They may notice pain reductions, healthier immune systems, decreased headaches, and a better overall state of health.  Next time you go to your local Ottawa wellness consultant, ask them about their exciting footbath detoxification methods and procedures.

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Do you exercise?  Do you hit the gym two, three, or even four times a week to stay healthy and in shape?  Do you know that what you think is keeping you healthy could be making you chronically ill?  Are you aware that right there, at the gym, you are in contact with one of the main and most common causes of serious back injuries?

People used to lifting weights know about very good ways to protect their lower back while they are working out; however, even the most experienced gym enthusiasts, the best weightlifters out there, forget or ignore the most common cause of back injury.  It is as much a personal responsibility as it is the trainer’s to know and enforce the correct and healthy way to pick up dumbbells.

Yes, you read right.  The way in which you pick up the dumbbells you use to strengthen your muscles and your core, can either make you healthy or cause you serious injury.  It is how you pick up the dumbbells that makes all the difference.

Go to the gym and just stand for a while paying attention to how people pick the weights up from the floor.  You will see some of the worst postures ever.  Most people pick up the dumbbells by bending over with their backs rounded.  Of course, they will never do that while doing the actual exercise, but they don’t think about it before or after doing the movement.  Just because picking up the weights is not a part of THE exercise routine, they don’t think good posture is necessary when moving dumbbells around the gym.  They forget that good posture is necessary not only while exercising but also during every single movement they engage in throughout the day, be it reaching for some sugar from a shelf, sitting in front of the computer, taking a shower, or lifting weights from the floor.

The care one puts into each movement is what ensures ones’ general wellbeing.  Back pain is a very common problem in today’s society, a society ruled by computers, fast-paced lives, and little attention to healthy habits.  Back pain is, in many cases, ignored and taken as normal until it becomes chronic and unbearable, and it can start with something as simple as lifting a child, a grocery bag, or a pair of 20 pound dumbbells.

You can say that people who exercise regularly truly care about themselves, their health, and general wellness, however quality is in the details.  In order to be really healthy, one has to pay attention to every signal the body sends our way, and more importantly work on prevention.  Regular and carefully done exercise, frequent visits to the chiropractor to align the body, and other stress control practices, will ensure you live a healthy and pain free life.

Take a look at this Ontario chiropractor; her practice is the perfect complement for a healthy life without artificial components.  All the health you need is within you and at your reach if you only decide to be careful and conscious about how you handle yourself, you body, and your posture.

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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which patients are treated by administering small and diluted doses of substances that cause similar symptoms to the ones the patient is suffering from.

Homeopathic medicine is regulated by the FDA, and is monitored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other scientific bodies.  It has many amazing benefits, but the 5 main ones are those that have turned millions of people into faithful believers of its healing properties:

1.    Its philosophy
Homeopathy works under the premise that any illness is the result of a weakening of the vital life force of the body.  Homeopathic medicine recognizes that this vital force can react and adapt to internal and external changes, and that negative thoughts regarding these changes are what cause illness to appear.  This holistic principle, the idea that sickness is an internal process of the body instead of an external force attacking it, is considered one of homeopathy’s benefits, because it empowers the individual by implying health is within the body itself, through the power of positive thinking.

2.    The human relationship

Normally, the relationship between the patient and the homeopathic doctor is very close.  During the first appointment, there is a very deep talk between both in order to understand the symptoms the patient presents, and also his or her lifestyle, emotional and mental state, and personality.  This profound knowledge is crucial for homeopathic medicine to work, and it turns the doctor into a trusted friend.

3.    The treatment

Homeopathic medicines come from plants, minerals, and other natural elements.  The fact that homeopathy does not contain chemicals shows its respect for the body and the individual.

4.    Its effects

Although it hasn’t been clinically proven that homeopathy can heal a person, more and more doctors in medicine are accepting its holistic approach.  This confirms that it is indeed effective and beneficial for the patient.

5.    Its regulations
The FDA regulates homeopathic medicine in the same way as it does with other medical disciplines.  There is continuous research being done in order to prove the medical effects and side effects of homeopathy, as well as the effect of taking homeopathic medicines along with other drugs.  There is no knowledge of homeopathy interfering with conventional medical treatments, the FDA is very careful at monitoring homeopathic medicines that have side effects, however, these are a minority, because they are very diluted.

Homeopathic medicine has become a wellness solution for millions of people around the world, and the same as with traditional medicine, the key to experience its benefits is to find a good professional doctor who cares to understand his patient as an individual and as a human being.

There is an Ottawa wellness center that does just that.  If you are interested in natural healing treatments and want to try homeopathy as a way to truly understand how your body functions and to substitute drugs that could be poisoning your body for something more in harmony with your organism, check them out, you won’t be sorry!

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If you’re one of the thousands of people who suffer from back pain you probably agree that one of the worst moments of the day for pain and stiffness is upon waking in the morning.  This is often a result of poor sleeping positions.  Believe it or not, say Ontario chiropractors, the way you sleep can often make a big difference in alleviating back pain or aggravating it.  In order to wake up feeling less back pain, wellness practitioners will often recommend these sleeping positions:

Sleep on your side in a slightly curled position and try putting a small pillow between your knees and make certain you neck is well supported by your pillow.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, try sleeping with a small pillow tucked under your lower back and another under your lower legs.  This will help to keep your spine aligned while sleeping.  Again, be certain your neck is well supported.

Sleeping on your stomach is not generally recommended as it is the most unnatural position for the spine.

The type of mattress you choose can also have a huge impact on back pain.  The mattress you sleep on should be firm yet comfortable and configure itself to your body.  A mattress that is too soft will allow your spine to curve too much and a mattress that is too firm can cause increased stiffness.  It can take some time to adjust to a new sleeping position if you have been sleeping a certain way for a long time.  It may feel at first as though the new sleeping position is actually causing increased pain, but this is generally just your back adjusting to being aligned properly.  Give it some time and you will see marked improvement.

As well as sleeping properly, how you get out of bed in the morning can also alter the way your back will feel throughout the day.  When you go to get out of bed, swing your feet over the side of the bed and rest them on the floor while keeping your back straight.  Stretch your back gently and then push yourself to your feet with both hands while keeping your spine straight.  No doubt you get out of bed every morning without even thinking about how you do it, but the way you stand up can actually affect your entire day!

As always, if you continue to have back pain in spite of all your efforts to improve your posture, sleeping and lifting activities, you should consult an Ontario wellness practitioner in case there are more serious underlying problems that require attention.

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Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 | Author: admin

Chiropractors have become very famous among sports players.  Once the players started noting the benefits of chiropractic care for injuries as well as for better performance, chiropractor’s offices started getting swamped with athletes looking for durable relief.  Chiropractic care has become a sort of hidden secret for success in sports.

The use of this type of care has been examined thoroughly across National Football League teams in the US.  When asked about chiropractic care use and referral, almost fifty percent of NFL trainers, the head athletic trainers of the National Football league teams, all men, with 17 years or more of experience in the sports field, and who had been in their current position for at least a year, answered that  they had been treated personally by a chiropractor.

A big percentage of NFL teams use chiropractors in an official role, as part of their personnel, but almost all trainers had referred a patient to a chiropractor outside their payroll for evaluation or treatment.  One thing was crystal clear, all of the trainers, 100%, agree that there are players who use chiropractic care without referrals from their team’s medical personnel.

Many of the trainers also agreed that players with suspected spinal subluxations (the technical term for spinal misalignments) must be referred to a chiropractor; but even more trainers agreed that there is a place for a chiropractor in the NFL.  In addition, these trainers understand that the role of a sports’ chiropractor is different from the one of a team physician.

Chiropractic care is not a privilege of football athletes; many other athletes engaged in many different sports count on chiropractic care.  John Stockton is a basketball legend that credits his success, even at the age of forty, to a good chiropractor.  When he was asked to explain why, he answered that although he was not an expert in chiropractic care and what the discipline comprised, he knew it was not just about adjustment. He knew it dealt with balancing muscles and general health.  He continued saying it has been great for him and his family, and that right next to chiropractic care, what kept him being a success was the love for the game and having fun with his family.

This clear evidence shows that everyone who performs a physical activity, be it professionally, for health reasons, or just leisure, will benefit from consulting with a professional chiropractor to get the most out of the sport of their choice.  And if you are in Ottawa, take a look at this Ottawa chiropractor, and get ready to play your best game ever!

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Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 | Author: admin

Patti Larson, a mother and author, wrote an article on “Pregnancy Today” magazine about her own experience of being pregnant and receiving help from professional chiropractic care.  “Pregnancy Today” is a nationally recognized magazine that prides itself in being the journal for parents to be.

Patti began by explaining her emotions and her husband’s when they found out they were pregnant.  She was in her mid-thirties and pregnant for the first time, which prompted lots of questions and concerns like: when would she feel the morning sickness, how long would she be able to work, would she be able to bear the pain during delivery and not cry out like a drama queen?  In short, valuable and normal doubts of every first time mom-to-be.

She clarified that she had a healthy diet and slept well, but she was far from being an exercise fan, in other words, she had great intentions but couldn’t commit to an exercise routine.  This is when she wrote about her rescuer, what saved her from suffering unnecessary fatigue, pain, and stress due to her changing body shape and wild hormones: chiropractic care.

Patti explained that she was accustomed to visiting a chiropractor prior to being pregnant, so the logical thing to do was to keep going.  Her chiropractor recommended that she schedule weekly appointments, but that she should increase them if she felt the need.

Her doctor, a chiropractor in Santa Monica, talked about why chiropractic care was so good for Patti during the pregnancy.  He explained that this type of care deals with the functioning nervous system.  When the nervous system is not overly stressed due to environmental aspects, possibly physical, emotional or chemical, the body is able to work in accordance to its particular genetic design.  If a birth is stressful, this will, in turn, cause stress in all the parties involved, and it will stay present until the nervous system’s stress is relieved.  Through chiropractic care, the body is allowed to manage the stress, helping future moms, new ones, and their adorable love bundles, to cope with life much easier.

Chiropractic care can really help during labor, stimulating the body when the due date arrives and passes, and nothing happens, prompting women to start labor in a natural way instead of letting a hospital use drugs to do it.  Patti stated that she not only continued with the care during her pregnancy, but also after she gave birth to her daughter Madeline.

To finish, she explained that Madeline received regular adjustments during her second week in this world and she never suffered from colic, ear infections, colds, or any other type of sickness before she turned one, which is the most vulnerable period for babies.

She confessed that many people are shocked when she tells them that her daughter sees a chiropractor, however, they also agree that she is among the most vivacious and active babies they have met.  Many people call her lucky, but she knows it is all in the adjustment!

So, follow Patti’s advice and confirm it for yourself, talk to a professional Ottawa chiropractor and discover a life without aches.

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 | Author: admin

Ahhh, blessed youth!  You are invincible, and so is your digestion.  No matter how spicy the food is, a young digestive system can cope with it all, or at least it could, until some years ago.  Today’s diet has proven lethal for digestive enzymes even in young people.  It’s incredible how things change…

After a certain age, or not so certain, eating something and having it turn into nutritious food takes a lot of work.  You see, digestive enzymes and bacteria in your gut convert food into necessary energy, and as a person gets older or more reckless, among other things, those enzymes decrease their production and the bacteria slows down its reproduction.  When this happens, digestive problems arise, and gas and bloating are the norm.  Eventually, the person starts showing signs of a lack of vitamins and even malnutrition.

But don’t despair!  There is a way to improve digestion at any stage in life.  In order to understand how, let’s take a look at what enzymes do:  When you eat, an enzyme, salivary amylase, starts entering the food as soon as saliva is produced and mixes with the food you are chewing.  These enzymes start to break down the food you’re savoring, but only if you are chewing. If you are drinking your meal (like in a protein drink or smoothie) you must take a second to chew it a little bit, or healthy digestion will not have even begun.

When the food arrives to the small intestine, the hormone secretin is produced, and it tells the pancreas to add the digestive enzymes trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pancreatin, as the food continues to move through your body.  Other parts of your system will add more enzymes, lactase and lipase.  When a person ages or eats a lot of junk, these enzymes decrease and your digestion pays for it.

To get digestive enzymes back, one option is to eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, which contain natural enzymes for digestion; however this doesn’t work for everybody, as some people may not eat enough of these, or they lose their benefits during cooking.  Another important action is to take enzyme supplements, specifically natural plant enzymes like the ones used by this Ottawa wellness specialist, which have proven truly effective in restoring the digestive system’s functioning.

But let’s not forget about the bacteria.  In order to gain the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria back, the body needs probiotic supplements, which are available in many health food stores today.  However, in many cases, these are not truly effective due to their manufacturing process or time on the shelves, so, researchers are now investigating a new very promising probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii.

To conclude, if you have digestive imbalances that are making your life miserable, taking natural digestive enzymes before eating and having probiotics as a dietary complement will certainly improve your digestion and, in addition, make you feel much younger… or your actual age!

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Saturday, November 21st, 2009 | Author: admin

The majority of us know about allergic reactions like runny noses, itchy and swollen eyes, sore throats, and feeling sad or moody, but possibly, you don’t know what allergies really are.

Allergies are actually an immune system reaction to certain plants, foods, or animals.  Our immune system is an intelligent structure that works very hard to keep us healthy.  Sometimes, it decodes an allergen as a harmful disease or virus, and as a means of defense, it initiates an attack in the form of different body reactions.  Allergies are simply the body’s way of showing us how much it cares for our wellbeing and how much it wants to protect us from external invasions.

The most common allergens are:

-    The tiny bugs found in dust: dust mites.

-    The protein found in the dander (dry skin), saliva, and urine, among others, of animals.

-    The pollen from grass, flowers and trees.

-    Those small living creatures that grow in damp places: mold and mildew.

-    Foods like milk, wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, seafood, strawberries, and legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts.

-    Latex, an elastic material used to make gloves and clothing.

Despite the immune system’s good intentions, allergies are very invasive and uncomfortable happenings that may even disable us to function during our daily activities, and in some cases turn out to be life threatening, with symptoms like rashes, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, and breathing problems.

Some people are born allergic, causing them to react negatively to the environment around them and creating chronic illnesses in them that truly affect their general health.  In some cases, allergies are hereditary.  This is why, it is important that allergic individuals know what exactly it is that they are allergic to, and for this, they have to consult with a doctor who specializes in allergies.  There are many tests that will tell exactly what substances react negatively in your body and how negative this reaction can be.  Dr. John Brimhall, a chiropractor, developed a technique to desensitize and get rid of allergies and sensitivities, called Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique (ASERT), used by this Ontario chiropractor with amazing success.

The treatment of an allergy depends on how severe it is and what reactions it produces.  Some require preventive treatment while others can’t be predicted, but, in any case, there is valuable help available. You just have to find the right professional to look after you so that you can enjoy your life fully and feel 100% healthy.

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esto va justo antes del form de suscripcion

Friday, November 20th, 2009 | Author: admin

If you believe your body deserves the best care possible, it’s a good idea to consider undergoing a detox several times a year. Detoxing allows your organs to rest and gives your body a chance to concentrate on eliminating those nasty toxins which accumulate in your system. You might choose to detox for a couple of days or even for a week. Rule of thumb: the longer your detox, the more effective your results. Whichever your preference, detoxing doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve found the simplest and most natural methods for helping your body detox.

1. Breathe well
It’s believed that up to 70% of the body’s toxins are eliminated through breathing. Many of us have developed unhealthy breathing habits that prevent our respiratory system from working at its best. To counteract this, learn good breathing practices such as taking deep breaths that fill your belly and then releasing slowly. Take the time to breathe well every day until it becomes a new habit.

2. Water
Drink one to two liters of good water each day. This means there is enough to keep you hydrated while flushing out toxins in your system. Some people undertaking a detox may choose to drink only water for the first couple of days, or other fluids like fruit or vegetable juices to provide nutrients too. In some countries, it is normal to spend a day drinking only water to detox.

3. Fiber
Eating plenty of fiber is a good way to help cleanse and kick-start a sluggish digestive system. Toxins that accumulate in this area are picked up by the fiber and then eliminated because the body cannot use fiber as a nutrient. Good foods that contain fiber are most vegetables, fruits and grains like whole wheat bread and brown rice.

4. Exercise
Exercising works in three major ways to help you detox. It boosts and drives your bodily functions (including its ability to detox), it makes you sweat a lot which helps the body release toxins through the pores and it is also a great stress-reliever - stress being another factor which creates a build up of unhealthy toxins in the body.

5. Saunas
Taking a sauna makes the body sweat and opens up your pores - a great way to relax and detox at the same time! Note – Infrared saunas are the best saunas for detoxing.

6. Eliminate processed foods
Processed foods contain a lot of unnatural ingredients that can be harmful to our bodies. Some examples are processed sugars, hydrogenated fats, preservatives and additives. Choose organic foods when possible and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Try eating some ’super-foods’ too, e.g., blueberries, spinach, avocados, and eggs, which are bursting with disease-fighting antioxidants.

7. Cleanse your liver
Your liver is the main organ which functions to detoxify the body. It makes sense to take good care of it too. You can do this by drinking herb infusions like dandelion root and burdock which are said to be cleansing to the liver.

Note: It is always advised to discuss any detoxification process with your Ottawa wellness specialist or doctor beforehand. I always like to stress how important it is to do the right thing, in the right order, and at the right time, especially when it comes to detoxing. When detoxing is done wrong you will be worse off, guaranteed.

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