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Thursday, January 28th, 2010 | Author: admin

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease, which affects the alimentary tract, anywhere from the mouth to the anus.  This inflammation can extend throughout all the layers of the stomach wall and can occur in patches, or in normal tissue.  The exact cause of Crohn’s disease is yet unknown, but many have recognized a link to stress and family history.  Crohn’s disease is a chronic disease for which there is no cure, but only treatments.

Diet is an important factor in Crohn’s disease and with the right food and supplements, your body can begin to heal itself naturally, causing your Crohn’s disease to go into remission for an extended period of time, sometimes even permanently.  In conjunction with natural treatments from your Ontario chiropractor, and the right diet, together with natural herbs and supplements, your body may be able to heal itself naturally from this chronic disease altogether.  Here are some natural treatments and supplements for the treatment of Crohn’s disease.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be effective in treating symptoms of Crohn’s disease and address the underlying causes of the illness, while aiming to restore the body’s natural healing properties.  They can help to restore harmony and equilibrium in the body, and provide a supportive platform to bring natural healing remedies into the affected body systems.  These remedies will be specifically tailored by your Ontario wellness physician, to meet your specific needs, and to address specific symptoms.

Some examples of these herbal remedies used in conjunction with treating Crohn’s disease include Filipendula ulmaria, Ulmus fulva, and Matricaria recutita just to name a few.  These herbs may be recommended alone, or in combination with another, depending on the individual’s specific health needs.  These herbs can help to strengthen the digestive health of the patient, as well as decrease inflammation in the bowel walls.  These herbs can be a natural option for the treatment of Crohn’s disease, without all the dangerous side effects associated with prescription drugs and steroids currently used for the treatment of this illness.

Another herbal treatment that has shown to have success in treating Crohn’s disease is green tea.  Green tea has been well known for thousands of years for its soothing qualities as well as its miraculous healing properties.  But only until recently, has green tea been used in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.  Green tea has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce inflammation in Crohn’s patients, as well as reduce pain and provide temporary relief.  Green tea has also, in some cases, been found to ward off cancer with long term use, which can be a major concern down the line, with patients with Crohn’s disease.

Ginko biloba has also been seen to have positive effects in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, and other inflammatory-related illnesses like colitis, and IBS.  Ginko biloba is particularly effective in treating inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s because of it’s rich antioxidant properties.  These antioxidant properties help to clear out bacteria in the intestinal wall, reducing inflammation and pain associated with Crohn’s disease.  Consult your Ontario wellness physician for more information about herbal remedies and treatments available for Crohn’s disease.

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Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 | Author: admin

In their search for more natural options to maintain health and treat disease, many people ask and research if regular chiropractic care has any meaningful benefits.  We have to say that, yes, it most definitely has, and we will explain why.

First, it is important to understand how you define prevention.  In the field of traditional medicine, prevention means detecting a serious disease early in its development, or employing toxic shots or medicine which present side effects that are much worse than the condition itself.

What traditional medicine hasn’t accounted for, and what most doctors and patients ignore, is that these methods only work when the illness is already present in the body.  Do you really think this is prevention?  Isn’t it obvious where the medical field’s main interest resides?  Yes, sadly, in your wallet.

Let’s just analyze one common procedure: mammograms.  It has been shown that 70% to 80% of the positive findings in a mammogram are proven negative by following biopsies, and around 25% of the real cancer cases are missed by mammograms.  Mammograms employ very high doses of ionizing radiation to create an x-ray image of the tissue in the breast.  This type of radiation is known to increase the activity of cancerous cells, and, in reality, can cause cancer to appear.

Just consider the proven fact that around 52% of women may have inactive cancerous cells in their breasts that may never become active; however, when exposed to high doses of radiation, this can change.  In other words, receiving regular mammograms may in reality increase many women’s chances of developing cancer.

A study performed not long ago showed that out of every 2000 women who received mammograms for more than 10 years, only one got a chance for a longer life, while 10 had to go through pointless and most likely harmful procedures.  The hidden truth behind these studies is how profitable these procedures are for the cancer industry.  In reality, mammograms are not wildly promoted because they detect cancer; these are forced on women because they mean big bucks.  And very sadly, this is what many think preventive medicine is all about.

Our health is always changing.  You can easily mark a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is “almost dying” and 10 is “perfect health”, and on a daily basis, track where your status is.  You can also think what actions could increase the number and which ones will decrease it or maintain it.  The truth is that preventive medicine is anything that prevents or minimizes your moves towards the low numbers, while at the same time moves you up the scale.

In other words, the benefits must overpower the negatives, and these should be much better than doing nothing.  So, what would be the deeper functional benefits here?  Why keep getting regular chiropractic care if you feel and look like a million bucks?

Well, this regular practice basically helps you move towards the upper end of the scale every single day.  A chiropractic adjustment is much more than cracking your back; it enhances your nervous system’s ability to work at its best.  The nervous system controls and manages almost every body function, thus, it is essential for good health, just as much as good nutrition, exercise, and enough sleep are.  Whether a person is healthy or sick, chiropractic care will provide great benefits and almost no disadvantages.

Consider it this way:  if you give your car and teeth maintenance, why not give it to your body?  Remember that you can always get a new car, but you will never be able to get a new body if it fails.

Ask your Ottawa chiropractor about the many benefits that come with regular chiropractic care. You will be amazed and most certainly relieved to have found such a powerful health alternative.

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Monday, January 25th, 2010 | Author: admin

Every parent has been through it: endless hours of anguish because the baby doesn’t stop crying and you have no idea what’s wrong.  In the end, you join him or her in the desperation, and now there are two inconsolable souls under the same roof.

If your baby is crying non-stop, for hours a day, for several days, and several weeks, he or she is probably suffering from colic.  A colicky baby can be spotted because he or she will be crying out loud, with the legs flexed, the abdominal muscles tensed, and the fingers clenched.

A baby starts suffering from colic at three weeks of age and it can last until he or she is three months old, sometimes even longer.  Around 10% to 20% of babies suffer from colic, and this condition creates a lot of stress for the parents, who feel completely helpless when faced with their child’s pain.  Inevitably, this stress will get in the way of the bonding between mother and baby, and may even increase the risk of post-partum depression.

Studies have shown that babies who suffer from colic are more likely to be victims of child abuse and of shaken baby syndrome.  Since it is not known what causes colic, it is difficult to treat the condition; however, the best results have been achieved through a natural method: chiropractic care, with 94% of babies experiencing less colic after going through chiropractic adjustments.

In fact, chiropractic care has proven more efficient than dietary changes, medication, and positioning, through spinal manipulation.  Two groups of babies suffering from colic were defined for a clinical trial.  One group received chiropractic care for two weeks and the other group was given dimethicone for the same period of time.  The babies that received chiropractic care showed a reduction in crying of 67%, while the babies on the medication showed only a 38% reduction.

Another study performed with 316 babies confirmed the efficacy of chiropractic care to treat colic.  In this 3-month study, the mothers recorded in a diary the amount of crying of their babies.  The results were positive in 94% of the babies, and the improvements happened after only three chiropractic adjustments in a period of two weeks.

Chiropractic care has become a very cautious, gentle and effective natural way of treating colic in babies.  The adjustments performed are very precise, soft, and completely safe.

If you would like to find out more, contact your Ontario chiropractor and ask for her opinion and advice.  A chiropractor must be certified to work with babies, thus make sure you get the appropriate advice in order to get your baby the best professional help.

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Thursday, December 24th, 2009 | Author: admin

Do you exercise?  Do you hit the gym two, three, or even four times a week to stay healthy and in shape?  Do you know that what you think is keeping you healthy could be making you chronically ill?  Are you aware that right there, at the gym, you are in contact with one of the main and most common causes of serious back injuries?

People used to lifting weights know about very good ways to protect their lower back while they are working out; however, even the most experienced gym enthusiasts, the best weightlifters out there, forget or ignore the most common cause of back injury.  It is as much a personal responsibility as it is the trainer’s to know and enforce the correct and healthy way to pick up dumbbells.

Yes, you read right.  The way in which you pick up the dumbbells you use to strengthen your muscles and your core, can either make you healthy or cause you serious injury.  It is how you pick up the dumbbells that makes all the difference.

Go to the gym and just stand for a while paying attention to how people pick the weights up from the floor.  You will see some of the worst postures ever.  Most people pick up the dumbbells by bending over with their backs rounded.  Of course, they will never do that while doing the actual exercise, but they don’t think about it before or after doing the movement.  Just because picking up the weights is not a part of THE exercise routine, they don’t think good posture is necessary when moving dumbbells around the gym.  They forget that good posture is necessary not only while exercising but also during every single movement they engage in throughout the day, be it reaching for some sugar from a shelf, sitting in front of the computer, taking a shower, or lifting weights from the floor.

The care one puts into each movement is what ensures ones’ general wellbeing.  Back pain is a very common problem in today’s society, a society ruled by computers, fast-paced lives, and little attention to healthy habits.  Back pain is, in many cases, ignored and taken as normal until it becomes chronic and unbearable, and it can start with something as simple as lifting a child, a grocery bag, or a pair of 20 pound dumbbells.

You can say that people who exercise regularly truly care about themselves, their health, and general wellness, however quality is in the details.  In order to be really healthy, one has to pay attention to every signal the body sends our way, and more importantly work on prevention.  Regular and carefully done exercise, frequent visits to the chiropractor to align the body, and other stress control practices, will ensure you live a healthy and pain free life.

Take a look at this Ontario chiropractor; her practice is the perfect complement for a healthy life without artificial components.  All the health you need is within you and at your reach if you only decide to be careful and conscious about how you handle yourself, you body, and your posture.

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 | Author: admin

Ahhh, blessed youth!  You are invincible, and so is your digestion.  No matter how spicy the food is, a young digestive system can cope with it all, or at least it could, until some years ago.  Today’s diet has proven lethal for digestive enzymes even in young people.  It’s incredible how things change…

After a certain age, or not so certain, eating something and having it turn into nutritious food takes a lot of work.  You see, digestive enzymes and bacteria in your gut convert food into necessary energy, and as a person gets older or more reckless, among other things, those enzymes decrease their production and the bacteria slows down its reproduction.  When this happens, digestive problems arise, and gas and bloating are the norm.  Eventually, the person starts showing signs of a lack of vitamins and even malnutrition.

But don’t despair!  There is a way to improve digestion at any stage in life.  In order to understand how, let’s take a look at what enzymes do:  When you eat, an enzyme, salivary amylase, starts entering the food as soon as saliva is produced and mixes with the food you are chewing.  These enzymes start to break down the food you’re savoring, but only if you are chewing. If you are drinking your meal (like in a protein drink or smoothie) you must take a second to chew it a little bit, or healthy digestion will not have even begun.

When the food arrives to the small intestine, the hormone secretin is produced, and it tells the pancreas to add the digestive enzymes trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pancreatin, as the food continues to move through your body.  Other parts of your system will add more enzymes, lactase and lipase.  When a person ages or eats a lot of junk, these enzymes decrease and your digestion pays for it.

To get digestive enzymes back, one option is to eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, which contain natural enzymes for digestion; however this doesn’t work for everybody, as some people may not eat enough of these, or they lose their benefits during cooking.  Another important action is to take enzyme supplements, specifically natural plant enzymes like the ones used by this Ottawa wellness specialist, which have proven truly effective in restoring the digestive system’s functioning.

But let’s not forget about the bacteria.  In order to gain the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria back, the body needs probiotic supplements, which are available in many health food stores today.  However, in many cases, these are not truly effective due to their manufacturing process or time on the shelves, so, researchers are now investigating a new very promising probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii.

To conclude, if you have digestive imbalances that are making your life miserable, taking natural digestive enzymes before eating and having probiotics as a dietary complement will certainly improve your digestion and, in addition, make you feel much younger… or your actual age!

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Saturday, November 21st, 2009 | Author: admin

The majority of us know about allergic reactions like runny noses, itchy and swollen eyes, sore throats, and feeling sad or moody, but possibly, you don’t know what allergies really are.

Allergies are actually an immune system reaction to certain plants, foods, or animals.  Our immune system is an intelligent structure that works very hard to keep us healthy.  Sometimes, it decodes an allergen as a harmful disease or virus, and as a means of defense, it initiates an attack in the form of different body reactions.  Allergies are simply the body’s way of showing us how much it cares for our wellbeing and how much it wants to protect us from external invasions.

The most common allergens are:

-    The tiny bugs found in dust: dust mites.

-    The protein found in the dander (dry skin), saliva, and urine, among others, of animals.

-    The pollen from grass, flowers and trees.

-    Those small living creatures that grow in damp places: mold and mildew.

-    Foods like milk, wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, seafood, strawberries, and legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts.

-    Latex, an elastic material used to make gloves and clothing.

Despite the immune system’s good intentions, allergies are very invasive and uncomfortable happenings that may even disable us to function during our daily activities, and in some cases turn out to be life threatening, with symptoms like rashes, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, and breathing problems.

Some people are born allergic, causing them to react negatively to the environment around them and creating chronic illnesses in them that truly affect their general health.  In some cases, allergies are hereditary.  This is why, it is important that allergic individuals know what exactly it is that they are allergic to, and for this, they have to consult with a doctor who specializes in allergies.  There are many tests that will tell exactly what substances react negatively in your body and how negative this reaction can be.  Dr. John Brimhall, a chiropractor, developed a technique to desensitize and get rid of allergies and sensitivities, called Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique (ASERT), used by this Ontario chiropractor with amazing success.

The treatment of an allergy depends on how severe it is and what reactions it produces.  Some require preventive treatment while others can’t be predicted, but, in any case, there is valuable help available. You just have to find the right professional to look after you so that you can enjoy your life fully and feel 100% healthy.

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Friday, September 25th, 2009 | Author: admin

Many of us suffer from back pain and serious health problems associated with back pain, compounded over many years, while others may only deal with limited back pain, with the occasional flair up or strain.  Many people still have prolonged back pain, no matter what they seem to do about it.  They buy back pillows, ergonomic chairs, change their posture, get massages, even take up yoga, but they still are confronted with back pain.  If you are one of these people, then you are not alone, as the true cure for back pain might be finally within our grasp.

Doctors and chiropractors for years have tried to come up with treatments, and cures for back pain, but have had varied success.  It has only been recently, in the latter part of the 20th century, that people started to take more of an interest in holistic medicine to treat their everyday symptoms.  This basic premise has led many practitioners to pursue holistic treatment options for patients, especially for back pain, to find a more complete method of treatment.  Through these grueling years of study, observation, and trial and error, they have developed a comprehensive treatment for back pain, called Visceral Manipulation Therapy.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy is based on the notion that our organs have inherent movement patterns, basically speaking, that they are not frozen in place.  Their theory is, that not only do our organs need the ability to move, but need to be able to glide, slide, rotate or compress, when we are physically moving our bodies or when they’re standing still.  When one of our organs becomes either displaced or compressed by one of its neighbors, it can create abnormal scar tissue if it does not function properly, which can result in chronic irritation or pain.

But only in recent years, scientists have proved that organs do have inherent moving patterns, and are connected with ligaments and fascia, which hold our entire bodies together.  Visceral Manipulation Therapy allows the restrictions in your body to become free, and with proper treatment in time, it can relieve back pain almost permanently.  It will also return the correct mobility patterns to your internal organs, thus enhancing fluid and chemical shifts that may be needed for healing and repair, while improving joint pain as well.

Visceral Manipulation can be a great option of back care if you are seeking an alternative, holistic method of treatment.  Remember that traditional medicine only treats the symptoms of the problem, whereas holistic medicine goes after the root of the problem, and takes into account the entire health of the body.   By treating conditions holistically, you may have better success, and overall increased health at the same time.  Before starting any alternative treatment make sure you contact an Ontario Chiropractor, or a doctor in your area for more information.

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