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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 | Author: admin

For many people, chronic indigestion is a real problem.  While not always an indication of serious health issues, it can be both irritating and frustrating to deal with, especially for those who prefer not to use a lot of over the counter medications and treatments.  Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies and preparations that can be found both readily and inexpensively that provide quick satisfactory solutions.  Here are a few actions you can take to help keep those bothersome digestive problems from getting out of hand.

o    One of the first things to try and prevent is over eating.  As hard as it may be through holiday season, it is always wise to be prudent about what’s on your plate.  Try to avoid carbonated beverages with your food, and always eat slowly being sure to chew your food completely.  If you do over indulge, papaya tablets may help ease temporary indigestion.

o    Peppermint or chamomile tea is believed to settle the stomach and calm the digestive tract.

o    Exercise can be very effective for keeping digestive troubles under control.  A short walk after eating may help stimulate the digestive process and prevent that sluggish bloated feeling that persists if you remain inactive after eating.  Although it is often what we most prefer to do, it is never a good idea to lie down right after eating.

o    Another possible treatment for digestive problems is citrus juice or apple cider vinegar; both have properties that help to soothe stomach upsets.  Drinking a glass of water with a bit of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar added is the easiest way to use these two natural ingredients.

o    Many folks believe that aniseed is an effective cure for indigestion as well.  Perhaps this belief stems from its inclusion in old tonic called gripe water that has been given to infants for many years to calm colic and upset tummy.

o    Ginger is widely recognized as a stomach soother but is used primarily to treat stomach nausea as opposed to indigestion.  Made into a warm tea, however, it can also help promote good digestion.

While these natural cures can be helpful for day to day indigestion, you should not put off visiting your Ottawa wellness practitioner for advice if you think your symptoms are more severe.  Digestive troubles can sometimes be the result of more serious underlying causes such as ulcers or gall bladder problems.

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009 | Author: admin

Ahhh, blessed youth!  You are invincible, and so is your digestion.  No matter how spicy the food is, a young digestive system can cope with it all, or at least it could, until some years ago.  Today’s diet has proven lethal for digestive enzymes even in young people.  It’s incredible how things change…

After a certain age, or not so certain, eating something and having it turn into nutritious food takes a lot of work.  You see, digestive enzymes and bacteria in your gut convert food into necessary energy, and as a person gets older or more reckless, among other things, those enzymes decrease their production and the bacteria slows down its reproduction.  When this happens, digestive problems arise, and gas and bloating are the norm.  Eventually, the person starts showing signs of a lack of vitamins and even malnutrition.

But don’t despair!  There is a way to improve digestion at any stage in life.  In order to understand how, let’s take a look at what enzymes do:  When you eat, an enzyme, salivary amylase, starts entering the food as soon as saliva is produced and mixes with the food you are chewing.  These enzymes start to break down the food you’re savoring, but only if you are chewing. If you are drinking your meal (like in a protein drink or smoothie) you must take a second to chew it a little bit, or healthy digestion will not have even begun.

When the food arrives to the small intestine, the hormone secretin is produced, and it tells the pancreas to add the digestive enzymes trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pancreatin, as the food continues to move through your body.  Other parts of your system will add more enzymes, lactase and lipase.  When a person ages or eats a lot of junk, these enzymes decrease and your digestion pays for it.

To get digestive enzymes back, one option is to eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, which contain natural enzymes for digestion; however this doesn’t work for everybody, as some people may not eat enough of these, or they lose their benefits during cooking.  Another important action is to take enzyme supplements, specifically natural plant enzymes like the ones used by this Ottawa wellness specialist, which have proven truly effective in restoring the digestive system’s functioning.

But let’s not forget about the bacteria.  In order to gain the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria back, the body needs probiotic supplements, which are available in many health food stores today.  However, in many cases, these are not truly effective due to their manufacturing process or time on the shelves, so, researchers are now investigating a new very promising probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii.

To conclude, if you have digestive imbalances that are making your life miserable, taking natural digestive enzymes before eating and having probiotics as a dietary complement will certainly improve your digestion and, in addition, make you feel much younger… or your actual age!

If you liked this article, tell all your friends about it. They’ll thank you for it. If you have a blog or website, you can link to it or even post it to your own site (don’t forget to mention www.totalwellnesssolution.ca as the original source).

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