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Monday, December 28th, 2009 | Author: admin

Relaxing in a sauna is a much enjoyed activity of many people, but it can be particularly helpful if you suffer from chronic fatigue.  It has been determined that chronic fatigue syndrome is often related to toxins in the body being trapped and thus increasing those feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.  If the pathways to releasing those toxins can be opened, a person will often begin to feel more energetic and healthy.

It is important to understand, however, that it is the infared sauna that works best in this manner and not the traditional dry sauna heat. In a regular sauna, most of the water on the body is actually condensation and not sweat.  With an infared sauna, the sweating is much more profuse which results in much higher levels of toxins being eliminated. The infared rays of this type of sauna get deep into the cellular tissues and set all types of activity into motion. Unlike other types of heat, this infared heat has the power to remove toxins that are stored way down inside the body.

The radiant heat of an infared sauna raises the body’s core heat, expands blood vessels and calms the central nervous system, which can contribute to relaxation of muscles, reduced blood pressure, improved digestion, and boost the immune system. In addition, the increased sweating helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body.

Many people who have previously felt saunas to be quite uncomfortable have changed their thinking once they’ve tried an infared sauna. Because the infared rays heat the body only, the air surrounding you in the sauna remains cool.  This eliminates that suffocating feeling that many people associate with saunas.

Infared sauna treatments are available at spas and health care facilities, but you can also install a home sauna kit with this kind of heat as well.  There are even portable models that fold up and can be carried with you for trips away from home.

If you are trying infared saunas for the first time remember to start out taking short saunas until your body is used to the feeling, and remember to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.  It is also recommended that you shower after your sauna to prevent toxins from being reabsorbed into the body.

As popular and well researched as this regime has become for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, you should always consult your Ontario wellness practitioner before proceeding with any treatments.

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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 | Author: admin

This might come as surprise for some, but detoxification footbaths, have become the next big thing.  They may not sound exciting and luxurious, but the rewards are everything but lackluster.  As people of the 21st century are starting to become more and more aware of all the harmful, dangerous toxins around them, it is no surprise that the method of “Detoxification” is becoming more popular everyday.  And one of the most popular detoxification procedures sweeping the globe is a foot bath under the right circumstances, serving to clear your body of dangerous, and life threatening toxins, known as a Detoxification Footbath.

The reason why detoxification is so vital to the total health and wellness of our bodies is because of all the harmful toxins found in our environment.  Our environment has become so infected with toxins, such as chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, that there is no doubt that many of the environmental hazards have seeped into our bodies, and have affected us in a very negative way.  In spite of all the miraculous things we have been able to do as far as create technology, household appliances, to amazing drugs of the future, there is no doubt that the pollution caused by these breakthroughs, is very dangerous to our bodies.  This is why having a legitimate detoxification method available is so important to the overall health of our bodies.

It would be erroneous to suggest that such pollutants don’t have any negative impact on our bodies at all.  The fact is that we at this point, don’t even know the long-term harmful consequences that are involved in living in today’s modern society.  The real truth is that everyday we are constantly inhaling and collecting residues in our body, due to plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, and drugs that are in the foods we eat.  Many suspect that the ever-growing number of birth defects, cancers, heart disease, and weakened immune systems, may have a lot to do with environmental hazards and toxins.

This is where detoxification comes in.  The basic theory behind detoxification is that there is a physical method to safely draw out toxins, and pollutants in our bodies, as well as revitalize natural toxin cleansing systems in our bodies.  And one of the best methods to do this is through a detoxification footbath.  A detoxification footbath is a detoxifying system that was developed to pull dangerous, unwanted toxins and pollutants, out of our bodies, through our feet.  The patient will enter their feet into a footbath, filled with clear water, for about 20-30 minutes.  During this time, toxins in the body are attracted to surging negative ions, contained in the foot bath, drawing out dangerous pollutants from your body.

After the footbath, it is not uncommon for patients to see the clear water in the bath, turn completely brown due to the pollutants being drawn out of the body.  The patient is likely to feel invigorated by the procedure, giving the patient new energy, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they have been detoxified.  The patient might see added benefits such as significant improvements in muscles strength, as well as range of motion.  Their body’s pH levels will shift back to healthier, more efficient alkaline states.  They may notice pain reductions, healthier immune systems, decreased headaches, and a better overall state of health.  Next time you go to your local Ottawa wellness consultant, ask them about their exciting footbath detoxification methods and procedures.

If you liked this article, tell all your friends about it. They’ll thank you for it. If you have a blog or website, you can link to it or even post it to your own site (don’t forget to mention www.totalwellnesssolution.ca as the original source).

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